Server Administration & Desktop Support

Server Administration & Maintenance

No need to hire a full-time technician to manage, monitor, and maintain your servers. Our certified, experienced technicians are available to help with upcoming projects, migrations, general maintence, and day-to-day administrative tasks including:

  • Adding/Removing users
  • Reviewing and managine user permissions to data
  • Print server management & configuration
  • New server installation and configuration
  • Migration project planning & implementation
  • Email server maintenance & management
  • SQL Database server maintenance & management
  • Update and patch deployment
  • Review of error logs for potential issues
  • DNS & DHCP management
  • Active Directory maintenenace & management

As a complete solutions provider, we have assisted numerous businesses in presenting a global image via the Internet while keeping their networks performing efficiently. Partner with us during your rise to the top.

Technician Qualifications

Our technicians hold certifications by Microsoft, Citrix, Novell, as well as other specialty software. Each has a minimum of three years industry experience (ten years average). Our job is to perform in a manner that will not disrupt your daily routine. To accomplish this, we perform a good portion of maintenance tasks remotely. On-site visits occur when needed to accomplish specific tasks and when requested by the client. Our technicians are always available for meetings and technical education sessions.

Server Monitoring Services

As a part of a monthly maintenance agreement, Secure Computer Networks can install software that will monitor your corporate servers and internet services. Our software will continuously monitor your internet and server systems status 24 hours a day, ensuring that your network is functioning properly.

We can monitor Web Servers, CGI's, FTP, POP3, SMTP, Scripts, Routers, Bridges, Disk Drive Space, Server System Services, Server Event Logs, DNS, RADIUS, COM Servers, and with our Add-In monitoring and alerting SDK, virtually anything else on your network can be monitored such as file sizes and even accurate system time. Port monitoring for unauthorized software may also be monitored when required. Many ISPs are now shutting down customers if someone on their network downloads specific illegal torrents. We can set alerts to notify us when someone is using a bit torrent client on your network.

In the event of failure, our software will notify us via any or all of several different methods that are available. A Secure Computer Networks technician will then contact your engineers to relay the alert information and determine a plan of action.

Desktop/Laptop Support & Maintenance

Our techs are standing by to assist you and your team 24/7. Avoid the cost of a full-time technician to support your users by providing them a means to contact us via email, our support portal, or phone. We are happy to help with many differnt issues including:

  • Troubleshooting issues with software
  • Answer questions about questionable emails (malware)
  • Install software, hardware & drivers
  • General PC mainentnace & software updates
  • Assistance with errors that pop-up
  • WiFi and other networking issues
  • Help configuring email on mobile phones
  • Updates and patch deployment
  • Review of error logs for potential issues
  • Virus detection and removal
  • Research questions about using software (Excel, Word, etc.)

Our goal is to minimize stress for everyone in the office and help stabilize your IT budget by providing timely support quickly. Experienced technicians can generally solve problems in 1/4 of the time it takes inexperienced techs to fumble through an issue.

Remote Support & Administration

One key goal for every business we support is to provide quick, reliable support. The best way to do this is to create a network configuration which allows us to remotely connect to your servers and desktops so we may assist any member of your staff within minutes!!!

No more waiting 2 hours for a tech to drive to your location.
No more paying $150+ for a technician to drive out and spend 10 minutes fixing a small issue

We know that every minute you are not working is a minute that you are not making money. Because of this, we are dedicated to providing the quickest response times possible. This is a new concept in the small business arena as most small businesses outsource computer consulting issues to various technicians. By partnering with us, you can be assured that you will receive quality services provided by knowledgeable technicians in the most efficient manner possible.

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Innovative Ideas

Pull us in for migration projects or to brainstorm ways to optimize your growing IT infrastructure. Our techs have experience in numerous industries

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Beyond Experienced

Since 2001, it has been our passion to provide the best tech services possible. We are experienced, devoted, and committed to seeing your business succeed

24-7 tech support services
24/7/365 Support

Our services are backed by round-the-clock support. It doesn't matter if it's 3AM or the middle of your business day, our expertly trained staff will be there to help

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99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Fully backed by our SLA, we promise you at least 99.9% uptime as part of our website hosting service guarantee.

Secure Computer Networks Reviews

After years of dealing with a slow, unresponsive tech group that did the bare minimum to get us by, we took the advice of a friend and gave Secure Computer Networks a try. You guys were thorough and proactive from the start and haven't let us down yet! Thank you for the last 3 years,

JasonHouston Business Owner

We have enjoyed working with Secure Computer Networks for the last 7 years. Josh is great with our staff and it is nice that you always explain what needs to be done, what you did, and what to expect....all in real human language we can understand.

MichaelBusiness Owner

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to your awesome support staff. We have a high level of comfort knowing you are always here for us. It is amazing how calm you are when something happens - you really helped bring us down off the ledge when our server crashed and everything had to be restored from backups you had. Talk about disaster recovery!

ChristineOffice Manager

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